Game development is the process of making video games. A game developer carries out the programming involved in producing a video game. They’re also called programmers. While designers come up with the concept, developers transform these concepts into an actual, playable product through computer code. Developers work in different teams who are responsible for several aspects of the game like gameplay, setting, character development, and more.


Skills Required to Become a Game Developer


Strong IT skills
Problem-solving aptitude
Time management skills
Creativity and culture
Communication skills



Career Opportunities in Game Development


From when the game designers envision the initial framework and concepts to the end, a game cannot come to fruition without game developers. Developers are technical geniuses who unite sound, artwork and thousands of lines of code to bring magic to your screen.


Career options after a degree in game development are numerous, and include the following:

AI programmer
Computer software engineer
2D/3D Game developer
Lead programmer

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