Food Delivery App Development

Food delivery apps facilitate the delivery of meals from local restaurants. Online food delivery apps allow customers to order from a wide variety of establishments with a single tap on a mobile phone.
A food delivery app is a mobile app that allows customers to place a food order from any of the restaurants in an area using their smartphone or tablet device.


The following apps are usually part of an online food delivery system:


Online food ordering app for customers
Delivery person app
Food order accepting & management app for Restaurants
Food delivery company’s app for back-end processing, support, etc.


How do food delivery apps work?


From placing an order via the customer app to order confirmation by the restaurant and pick-up & delivery by the driver, here’s how the food delivery app works:


Step 1. Placing an order
Step 2: Order management by restaurant
Step 3: Delivery by the driver
Step 4: Delivery and Feedback

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