15 Must-Have Features for an Ecommerce Mobile Application

The share of eCommerce is expected to rise to 72.9% by 2021. Many business owners seek to leverage the growth of eCommerce by launching eCommerce mobile apps in the market.

Today, we will take a look at some of the essential features of an online store application. If you are looking to invest in eCommerce mobile app development, this blog is a must-read for you.

Essential Features for an Ecommerce Mobile App


1. Quick Registration

Any mobile app with a long registration process is a huge turn-off. The best way to cut through the process is to enable the users to register with their email ID/phone number and an OTP verification. You can also enable them to sign up through social media profiles.


2. Search and Product Filter

No matter how small or large your online store is, product filtering and sorting facility allow people to easily find out an item. Further, the search bar helps them to directly enter the item they are looking for. We recommend you integrate a search bar with an autocompletes functionality to simplify the search.


3. App Wallet

Having a wallet in your app is a good idea. People can add money from their bank account to the wallet and shop. Further, in case of any refund or cashback, the amount will be reflected on the app wallet. People can use this amount for the next purchase. Other than enhancing the users’ convenience, it will also encourage them to use the app repetitively.


4. Feedback System

Feedbacks help in two ways – firstly, it gives you a scope to improve by getting an insight into your users’ perspective, and secondly, the users feel valued. You can ask them to give you feedback on each order. You can also encourage them to give you ratings on the app store.


5. Personalization

Ecommerce mobile app has the provision to take personalization to the next level. Once a user creates a profile, browses various items in your e-store, adds items to the cart, or makes a purchase, you get an insight into the customer behavior. Depending on that, you can show personalized product recommendations and also curate personalized push notifications (more on this below).


6. Multiple Payment Modes

While app wallet is one of the payment modes, your app should have several other payment modes so as to ensure convenience for a wide audience. These options may include credit/debit cards, UPI app, net banking, etc. The app may also have provisions for different coupons for different payment modes. You may also offer cash/card on delivery facility.


7. Customer Support

Customer support can create a make or break moment for the customers on your app. Try integrating features like a chatbot, live chat system, click-to-call button, etc., to offer seamless customer communication. A prompt response leads to an enhanced user experience.


8. Push Notification

If you want people to visit your app more often, push notification is the way to go. Notify them about fresh arrivals, special offers, festive deals, or the items stored in their cart. According to experts of digital marketing services, push notification campaigns should be highly strategic so as to make the most of them. Go beyond the clichéd promotional messages and grab people’s attention with unique campaigns.


9. Add Items after Placing an Order

One of the ideal ways to increase sales is by allowing people to add items even after placing an order. Sometimes, people may forget to add items while placing an order. You may allow a specific time slot (say, 24 hours) within which they may add more items to the existing order, and the newly placed order will be merged with the previous one. For instance, this is ideal for grocery or everyday essentials stores.


10. Wishlist

What if the potential shoppers want to buy something that is out of stock? Do you expect them to check on the app every now and then, search for the item, and grab when it is available? Instead of counting on that, integrating a wishlist is a smart move. The users may add items here and buy later. You can also send push notifications to the users based on the items they have saved in the wishlist.

Oh, and while we are on this topic, make sure that the wishlist and shopping cart items are saved until the users purchase or remove them. No one likes to look for the items time and again and add those to the cart.


11. Track Order

Keep the users informed about the order status until it reaches their doorstep. An order tracking facility is a must-have in an e-store as it allows the users to track the progress of their order. It enhances your transparency and also encourages people to patiently wait for the order.


12. Flash Sale

If you want to acquire new customers, flash sales can maximize your efforts. Sometimes, flash sales become synonymous with the brand. Example? Big Billion Days sale and Flipkart! Make sure to create hype about your flash sale for a significant period of time before the sale begins.


13. Ratings and Reviews

According to a study by Spiegel, about 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase. Make sure to feature product reviews & ratings and encourage the buyers to rate the items.


If you have already invested in eCommerce website development, you may have an idea of which features to include in the mobile app. The application is basically an extension of your web destination.


Now, let’s move on to check a few advanced features that you may integrate into your eCommerce mobile app.


Unique Features that Enhance User Experience
While the following features are not yet essential, if you want to offer an exceptional user experience on your online store, you may consider integrating these.


14. Image Search

If you have a large e-store with varied products, you may offer an image search option. People may simply click an image of the product they want to buy and search with the image for similar product results.


15. Voice Search

You can leverage the device’s recorder and allow the users to speak out about what they are looking for. You may also let them track their order status through this feature. This simplifies people’s way around your online shop.


16. AR / VR Functionality

It’s time to leverage the latest technologies in your e-store. You may use various augmented reality features to offer a superb UX. For instance, you can allow them to look at a product from 3 dimensions or check how an item would suit them (or their space).


Integrating these features will enhance your users’ convenience. What are you waiting for! Build an eCommerce app and give a new boost to your business.

15 Must-Have Features for an Ecommerce Mobile Application

The share of eCommerce is expected to rise to 72.9% by 2021. Many business owners seek to leverage the growth of eCommerce by launching eCommerce mobile apps in the market.

Today, we will take a look at some of the essential features of a…

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