Data Analysis

Data analysis is defined as a process of cleaning, transforming, and modeling data to discover useful information for business decision-making. The purpose of Data Analysis is to extract useful information from data and taking the decision based upon the data analysis.


The six main examples of data analysis are:


Text Analysis.
Descriptive Analysis. 
Inferential Analysis. 
Diagnostic Analysis.


The purpose of data analysis


The process of data analysis uses analytical and logical reasoning to gain information from the data. The main purpose of data analysis is to find meaning in data so that the derived knowledge can be used to make informed decisions.


Top 10 Data analysis tools

1.  R Programming
2. Tableau Public
4. SAS
5. Apache Spark
6. Excel
7. RapidMiner
9. QlikView
10. Splunk

Where is data analysis used?


Data Scientists and Analysts use data analytics techniques in their research, and businesses also use it to inform their decisions. Data analysis can help companies better understand their customers, evaluate their ad campaigns, personalize content, create content strategies and develop products.


Difference Between Data Analysis, Data Mining & Data Modeling.


Data analysis is done with the purpose of finding answers to specific questions. Data analytics techniques are similar to business analytics and business intelligence.


Data Mining is about finding the different patterns in data. For this, various mathematical and computational algorithms are applied to data and new data will get generated.


Data Modeling is about how companies organize or manage the data. Here, various methodologies and techniques are applied to data. Data analysis is required for data modeling.

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