On Demand Health Care Apps: Are They Our Future?

Nowadays technology and innovation are restructuring every industry. Disruptive technology is one of the greatest examples of it.


Thinking, what is disruptive technology?


Disruptive technology is the innovation which changes the way a company, user, or business operates in that industry. One of the famous examples is e-commerce apps which have largely altered our shopping methods.


Apps like UBER, OLA, BIG BASKET, ZOMATO, SWIGGY, NET MEDS are playing an important role in redefining consumers habits and behaviours. Also, the success of these apps have developed the need for on-demand apps.


These are creating a lot of buzzes, and I’m sure that everyone must have used on-demand apps for their day to day activities.


Do you know the difference between an on-demand app and normal app?


Don’t worry, if you don’t know? I’m here, to solve all your doubts.


On- demands apps are those apps which allow the users to order products and services at the time of their need as well as delivers in minutes. Normal apps are those apps which provide the facility of online ordering but doesn’t deliver within minutes but take days to deliver the services.


The health care industry is no more exception. Disruptive technology and on-demand apps are playing an important role in the health care industry too. On-demand apps are a boon for the health care sector.


Curious, how on-demand apps can be effective in today’s times?


Then, let me explain to you with one simple example: –


Let’s imagine that suddenly you have developed a high fever and you are unable to visit a doctor or even a chemist for medicines, then on-demand apps can do wonders for your health! Isn’t that great?


While from the comfort of your home, you can chat or message a doctor and can share your temperature and difficulties you are having. After analysing your health, the doctor can prescribe you the right medicine, which you can order instantly from an on-demand pharmacy app. 93 % of doctors believe that health care apps can improve the patient’s health as it helps in eliminates the delay in treatment time.


On-demand apps can be developed for various Health care sectors: –

On-demand pharmacy apps

On-demand app for doctors’ consultation

On-demand app for appointment booking

On-demand app for diagnosis and blood testing service at home

On-demand apps can also improvise the relationship between the doctor and the patient: 


Prompt service: – Doctors are able to provide prompt services to the patients easily with the help of an app, and even patients are able to connect with doctors without travelling and waiting in a long queue or spending hours at the clinic.


Improvised relationship: – On-demand health care apps is a boon. It helps to notify the patients about their appointments, tracks their health progress, and have the ability to share the data & report with their doctor instantly. The best part about the on-demand app is that patients and doctors can communicate with each other without being in the same place.


Immediate doctor service on the app: – If you are having a severe cold and cough, you just need to open an app and consult with the doctor and get the best diagnosis in just a minute.


Easy appointment booking: – Booking an appointment with a surgeon or the doctor is no more a difficult task. Book appointment with your doctor at the convenience of your time and get the reminder for the same on your appointment day.


Ordering medicine is easy: – On-demand pharmacy apps are very helpful for everyone especially senior citizens, who cannot go to chemist every time to get their medicines. Also, it helps you to book your medicines at the time of need and receive the delivery within minutes.


Definitely on-demand health care apps are our future. The success of apps like 1mg, Doc app, Net meds show that Indian health care industry is changing, and we are steadily accepting new technologies and trends which are helping the patients as well as the doctors.


In coming times on-demand health care apps will be playing an effective role in streamlining the health care and pharmacy sector. Virtual nurses, e- doctor visit, delivering of online medicine will be a new norm and the main trend.

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